The Philosopher’s Daughter, a memoir

{9FA70A05-6383-4CBB-A502-A0C76E89A250}-stace 0 (2)Jennifer was not an academic like her philosopher father. She danced and sang and painted and spent her college years at jazz clubs. Her father had been a rebel in his youth–a poet–at the end of a long line of military men. He fell in love with words and reason; Jennifer fell in love with theater and dance.

In Hollywood Jennifer taught stars like Cher, and worked as a team with her son Michael, a gifted piano man and recording artist. Suddenly life took a devastating turn, choices were made. Jennifer witnessed and recorded her son’s year behind bars awaiting trial for attempted murder. During the weeks before his death, she began to write this memoir.

Today, she lives atop a hill overlooking the Pacific with horses, dogs, cats, chickens’ and a big red rooster who crows all night long. Her life is full of surprises–peaceful and extraordinary.

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